From the recording A LITTLE GOOD NEWS


A LITTLE GOOD NEWS jane bach / nikk webster / chris ferrin

i never saw it coming
til it knocked me down
hit me like a lightening bolt
when he walked out
never heard the silence in this lonely loud

is it something that i did
or didn't say
is there something
i could've done to make him stay
why are my emotions so mixed inside
don't wanna feel this way

i could give up and say that it's all my fault
i could find my redemption behind these walls
but i'm not gonna let my regrets get the best of me
just the same i could surely use......a little good news

i won't feel sorry for the way i feel
i won't stop crying cause this pain is real
im gonna get through this....there'll come a day
when i start to heal


i won't stop living baby....i won't stop breathing in
might take a while but i' just as strong and back again
i won't stop giving baby.....won't stop believing in love